Invitation to the FSR meeting on September 11

Hey everybody,

the next Student Council Meeting takes place on Wednesday, 11th September at 15:30 in 48-453. The current agenda is as follows:

  1. Festlegung der Tagesordnung/ Setting of the Agenda
  2. Protokolle / Protocols
  3. Getränke / Beverages
  4. Mitteilungen / Announcements
  5. Gruppenprüfungen / Groupexams
  6. Probleme bei Lehrveranstaltungen / Problems with teaching
  7. Erneuerung des Blogs / Revamping of our Blog
  8. Verschiedenes / Various

If you want to purpose any changes to the agenda, you can do so in the Etherpad. We’re looking forward to see you there.