Postal Vote for Fachschaftsrat

Regularly, the elections for Fachschaftsrat (FSR, student council) are held at the beginning of the summer semester. However, this summer was not much regular and everything was postponed, making the last election period the longest in FSR history. But now we know how to continue. The plenary meeting is held online and the elections will be equally contactless: via postal vote.

The most important aspects are in the flyer. But to stress this again, it is important that the voting committee has your correct address. Check in the QIS which address is your current “Korrespondenzadresse”. If it is not up-to-date, you should alter it, however, the electoral register was already prepared. Thus, you need to contact the voting committee per email fsr-wahl@.

Here you find the OLAT course with the forms for nominating candidates as well as applying for a postal vote.