The Fachschaftsoffice is open again!

The FSR-Informatik again offers access to the student council office (48-464) for the public. The following rules apply:

  1. A maximum of 12 people are allowed in the student council.
  2. A face mask must be worn in the room.
  3. Wash or disinfect hands when entering the room.
  4. People who stay for more than 10 minutes must check into the Corona-Warn-App Event (QR-Code) aswell as have their 2G+-status (vaccinated/convalesce plus negativ test/booster) verified by an authorized person (see below)
  5. There are 9 permanent seats. 4 at the large desk, one at the terminal, 4 on the sofa. The face mask can be removed while sitting on these. (If the workplace is entered or left, it must be disinfected.)
  6. The room is ventilated for 15 minutes every full hour or if indicated by That is independent of the weather.
  7. The room may only be made accessible to the public by authorized persons. People with keys can still join the fachschafts-bureau. The person who opens the room (or a delegate) has to make sure that the rules are implemented. The CovPass-App to verify 2G-QR-Codes is installed on the smartphone provided in the Fachschafts-bureau.

A person is authorized to verify someones 2G+-status and open up the Fachschafts-bureau to the public, if they signed declaration of commitment with the Spokesperson.