Willkommen bei der Fachschaft Informatik!

Until further notice the rooms of the Fachschaft Informatik will remain closed. On one hand, because the university administration has forbidden students to enter all buildings, on the other hand, because it is currently a health risk to keep a room open to the public without taking massive hygiene precautions, which we cannot do.

If you need advice on exams, data protection, or your studies, you can contact the relevant people as before.

Unfortunately, this also means that social events of the Fachschaft cannot take place outside the Fachschaft rooms, especially during Ewoche, our party, or barbecue. We are looking forward to the situation relaxing and to seeing you again.

We help you with questions regarding your studies, exams from previous years, or other concerns, we organize events and provide coffee and sweets. Feel free to visit us in our Fachschafts-room in 48-464.

An overview over all the services the Fachschaft provides can be found here.

Our spokespersons, Julian Stieß and Tobias Schür, are reachable for general questions at sprecher@.


RockIT Party on January 23!

Besides all the meetings of the student’s council, we also organize parties! The next one is on January 23, starting at 21:00 in Foyer 46, entrance is only 3€.

Check out our social media for updates. Check also out the helper lists next to the Fachschaft if you want to help ;)



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(German) Willkommen im Busch 2018

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