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We help you with questions regarding your studies, exams from previous years, or other concerns, we organize events and provide coffee and sweets. Feel free to visit us in our Fachschafts-room in 48-464.

An overview over all the services the Fachschaft provides can be found here.

Our spokespersons, Anika Lütke-Bordewick and Rebekka Rübel, are reachable for general questions at sprecher@.


Christmas Party

Hello everybody,

After a long hiatus, the Fachschaft Informatik is happy to invite you all to our Christmas party on the 13th of December. 

We will start off the festivities in 48-453 at 17:30 with dinner. Afterwards we will award the VLU prices of the previous semesters and spend the rest of the evening with a whole lot of cookies and mulled wine.
Also, there will be a secret scrap Santa: If you want to take part, just bring a small, scrappy gift (at most 10€) and you will receive another gift in return. And lastly we will hold a Karaoke again in 48-467.

We are looking forward to seeing you
Fachschaft Informatik


(German) Start der VLU!

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

Lecture Survey – Thank-you-Barbeque


On occasion of much active participation in the lecture survey during the winter term 2018 the Fachschaft wants to thank you by having barbeque together.

The barbeque will take place on May 14th at 5:00PM on the fourcourt of the Kramladen. Beverages are provided thanks to the FIT (= friend’s association for Computer Science at the University of Kaiserslautern). Therefore bring your grillables and enjoy the evening in a relaxed atmosphere.

Salad-donations are very welcome and can be announced in this pad:

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Survey concerning the course of studies WT 2017/18

What do you think about your studies in Kaiserslautern?

Are your studies to easy or to hard? Are you taught the things you were hoping to learn? What is your opinion of the administrative processes at the university? Do you feel well advised and represented? Are the Mensa-queues too long? What would you change about your studies here in Kaiserslautern?
Now is your chance to answer all these and even more questions to give a lot of feedback to the department of computer science! As part of the lecture survey (VLU), every three semesters there is an additional questionnaire regarding the courses of studies in general. In case you already participated in the lecture survey, the additional questionnaire will be added automatically to your courses. If you didn’t participate by now, you can just add it to your courses by choosing the first point presented in the list of courses called “Studienumfeldbefragung Fachbereich Informatik”. Your feedback is most valuable to improve the course of studies in computer science here in Kaiserslautern, to give you the best opportunity to have your studies just like you wanted them! Therefore begin typing and give a lot of feedback! All information you need to participate, you can find HERE.

[VLU] Great Thank-You-BBQ

Dear students,

we, the VLU-Unit of the Fachschaft, want to say many thanks to you for your diligent participation in this summer term’s lecture survey (Vorlesungsumfrage)!

As promised, we will host a great barbecue for everyone who participated in the lecture-survey. The FIT (Förderverein für Informatik an der TU KL) will sponsor a lot of free drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and our BBQ-Unit will set up our grill that you can feel free to use (please bring your own food). The event will take place

next Thursday, the 19.10.2017 at 19:00 at the Kramladen!

Therefore, if the weather turns bad or it gets late, we can just withdraw into the Kramladen and enjoy a few drinks with chill music.

We will be happy to see you there!

Best regards,
the VLU-Unit of the Fachschaft