Exam preparation

This page is meant to help you with the preparation for your exam.
Depending on what was said in the first lecture, exams can be written or oral.

In case of a written exam, you have to register in the appropriate registration periode. For oral exams you have to reqister at least two weeks before the exam.

When preparing for exams it is always good to take a look at what questions were asked in previous exams. All exams can be accessed through the online system KAI (KlausurAusleihe Informatik).
The system can only be accessed from within the universtity’s IP range (or via VPN). Some of the documents are marked as “Nur auf Papier”. These documents can only be accessed and printed from the terminals within the rooms of the Fachschaft in 48-452.

The Fachschaft isn’t always open, but there should always be somebody there between 10 AM and 4 PM.

Where do the documents come from?

Some written exams are directly provided for us by the professors. All other documents are created by your fellow students after they took the exam. Of course it would be nice if you could return the favor and provide some exam protocol yourself.

How do I register an exam?

Bachelor students

Written exams must be registered in the registration period, while oral exams must be registered at least two weeks before the exam date.

Master students

Written and oral exams must be registered at least two week before the exam date. The registration forms can be posted in the Pr√ľfungsamt.