Events in July

Cycling Tour

Next week, points for Game of TUK can be gathered by biking. Therefore, we are going on a bike tour to earn points.

When? Sunday, 07.07.19, 09:30 am (The tour starts precisely at 10:00 am)

Where? We meet at the north-west corner of the Volkspark,

Track: (,7.9390812,14z)

Volkspark -> Hochspeyer swimming pool (~10km) – If you want to cool yourself down, you can jump right into the water here, otherwise you can cycle longer -> Burguine Frankenstein – Visit of the Ruine and continuation of the ride through Biedenbacher Woog -> Hochspeyer swimming pool (~20km) -> Volkspark (~10km)

There is a short (~20k,) and a longer (~40km) a bit more challenging tour.

What to bring: Bicycle (!), Helmet, Provisions, Swimwear, Some money (for the swimming pool and an Ice Cream).

All members of house Ω are warmly invited!