We need your help

You want to lend a hand on the Semester Opening Party at the 20th April? Nice!
There are still many shifts in need of help and you’ll be rewarded with free entrance and free drinks.

All you need to do is to sign in the list in front of the ASta bureau.

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(German) Möge die Ewoche beginnen!

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Invitation to the students plenary

Dear students of Computer Science,

you’re hereby cordially invited to visit the plenary meeting (in German “Vollversammlung” or “VV” for short) of the student body of the department of Computer Science on Wednesday, April 26th, at 17:15 (=5:15 pm) in room 48-453.


  1. Definition of the Agenda
  2. Announcements
  3. Statement of accounts of the FSR (=student representatives)
  4. Report of the cash auditors
  5. Discharge of the FSR
  6. New election of the FSR (according to §46.2 of the eloctoral rules of the student body)
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. Distribution of the bribing-chocolate

Your interested in becoming a member of the FSR or you want to take care of a Referat (=task within the department) / be a referent? Or you know just the right person for such a job? Then simply enter this information into our Kluengel before the VV!

Preparation of the student plenary

After one year it is about to happen again: At the 26th of April a new student council of the computer science department (Fachschaftsrat) will be elected and afterwards the responsibilities will be redistributed. If you are interested to take on such a responsibility please visit our Kluengel or contact us.

Geschrieben am 18. March 2017 von Thomas Schneider

Visiting CeBIT

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

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End of Semester

Finally, the semester and, therefore, the lectures are over!
We wish you good luck for your upcomming exams.

Geschrieben am 11. February 2017 von Thomas Schneider

FBR election results

Last Tuesday and Wednesday the council elections of the TU Kaiserslautern took place. Among other council, a new FBR was elected , and so the following students will represent you in the upcomming year:

Kathrin Thomas

Jérôme Schalk

Patrick Hansert

Thomas Schneider

We congratulate each of them upon their election. To contact the four of them, just write a mail to

FBR Elections

At the 31th of January and 1st of February it is time for the council elections at the TU Kaiserslautern… And like every year, we all will make our way to the room 46-224 to vote. Among the other councils, a new FBR will we elected, but there will be no election proposals this year. So who do you vote for? The following students declared interest, to represent you in the FBR:

Patrick Hansert

Michael Hohenstein

Jérôme Schalk

Thomas Schneider

Alexander Schneiders

Malte Schütze

Kathrin Thomas

Geschrieben am 23. January 2017 von Thomas Schneider

Semester contribution already paid?

Did you already paid your semester contribution? The deadline is the 27th of January. So hurry up!

Geschrieben am 20. January 2017 von Thomas Schneider

Happy New Year


We wish you a happy new year.

Enjoy the last free day
before the lectures are resumed!

Geschrieben am 3. January 2017 von Thomas Schneider