Christmas Hunt

The computer scientist’s Christmas hunt begins next week!‼️

Goal ⭐️
Capture Christmas on campus. Find the location/object you are looking for from a photo detail and post a photo  of that location. You need 3 out of 5 points for the whole week.

Every day a picture & a text will be published, it’s up to you to find these places & collect the points…

Condition of the festivity:
We appeal to you all to adhere to the honor code of campus Christmas for glory.
Bring on the Christmas spirit by e.g. an ugly sweater, Christmas hats / other!

Expectation horizon
There are 3 cases of which photos are wanted, with any number of people participating in the picture.

Case 1: only of the location/object you are looking for.
Case 2: object/place & actors.
Case 3: actors acting out Christmas on campus at any location.

Case 1, 2 -> x photo 1 point.
Case 3 -> gives 2 points under ”condition of festivity”! Otherwise none.

! In total only 5 photos of or with this person and any others will be scored. A place gives points for a person only once.

Submission of photos
By participating with a photo submission, you authorize the Christmas elves to use them for the purpose of capturing Christmas on campus within a slideshow and publishing on public media.

Submissions will be sent to as a zip file.
Naming of the file: Group Name. And in the mail, an explanation of who is in the group
~Human (22), harnesses great hate for long file names.

If you have reached at least 3 points, you shall expect a (great) prize in January!

Merry Christmas and stay healthy,

Your Weihnachtsfeierorgateam