Informatik-Praxistag 2022

The Informatik-Praxistag 2022 from the FIT is here!

For the Informatik-Praxistag to take place in this pandemic, it will be held online: there will be exhibitors presenting and talking individually to you in the online WorkAdventure on the 26th January, from 12:30 to 3 pm.

The digital Informatik-Praxistag informs about the chances after your studies and shows what possibilities you have during it to shape your future. Important for everyone who’s about to graduate but also for all those who just started and aren’t looking for a job.

This day is particularly for students of the computer science department and everything will be about it: the exhibiting companies are from the computer science department and are looking for students specifically from that area.

In addition, there will be three lectures on the 25th January. Closer information about the topics will be published in the next few days.