Plenary Meeting of the Student Body Computer Science

Dear students of Computer Science,

you’re cordially invited to visit the plenary meeting of the student body of the department of Computer Science on Wednesday, 22nd November, at 3:30 pm in room 48-453.


1. Setting of the Agenda
2. Announcements
3. Statement of accounts of the student council
4. KIF 52.0
5. Introduction of the FBR candidates
6. Report of the cash auditors
7. Discharge of the student council
8. Election of the election committee
9. New election of the student council (according to §46.2 of the electoral rules of the student body)
10. Various
11. Distribution of the bribing-chocolate

You’re interested in becoming a member of the student council or you want to take care of a department? You know just the right person for such a job? Then simply enter this information into our Kluengel before the VV!

Following the plenary the constitutional meeting of the new student council will take place in the same room. You’re welcome there, as well.
We’re looking forward to seeing you at the plenary!