Fachschaft Informatik Merchandise

Hello everyone,

the Fachschaft Informatik will sell their own merchandise soon. To estimate the number of t-shirts we need to order to potentially make them cheaper, we would love to know if you are interested in buying a t-shirt.

To help us estimating the amount of shirts we need to order, fill out the following form: https://survey.uni-kl.de/index.php/289523?lang=en
Please note that we would really ask you to also fill out the form if you are NOT interested!

Your vote is anonymous and non-binding, but you may enter your email to get notified when the shirts arrived.

Since the final price depends on the number of t-shirts we order, we can not yet tell you the final price but it will most likely be 15€ per t-shirt.

We currently only have one design and one unisex cut but it is possible that we will sell this or another design in different colors in the future. Tell us in the survey if you would prefer a different color.

We are already looking forward to seeing all of you running over the campus in our t-shirts!