A Statement about respectful cooperation at the university

As a student body, we would like to point out that everyone is welcome here, regardless of their origin or physical and psychological impairments.

We are committed to treating each other with respect as equals. We firmly reject discriminatory and offensive behavior.

For those affected by discriminatory behavior, we, as the Referat for Gender Equality and Inclusion of the student council, are glad to serve as contact partners at gleichstellung@fachschaft.cs.uni-kl.de. Otherwise the Equal Opportunities Officer of the Fachbereich Informatik, Prof. Leitte is available for this at gsb@informatik.uni-kl.de.

Besides, the Gender Equality, Diversity and Family Affairs Office offers counseling at gleichstellung-vielfalt-familie@uni-kl.de.

We also stand behind the directive for respectful cooperation at Technische Universität Kaiserslautern.

We would like to emphasize:

“Respectful cooperation is practised through polite, appreciative communication via all communication channels, as well as collegiality, fairness and courtesy. Reliability and helpfulness stand for respectful behaviour as well as open, honest and friendly interaction. TUK is committed to equal opportunities and family friendliness at its university. Mutual respect and appreciation are the basis for cooperation which cannot function without mutual information and factual debate. Any conflicts that arise are dealt with in an open and solution-oriented manner.“