University elections

The university elections are just around the corner: The student representatives in the departmental council (FBR) and senate and the members of the student parliament (StuPa) wil be newly elected. These are the people who ensure that the problems of the students are heard by the university management and the faculty and that the student opinion is represented in current discussions. For a strong student mandate, it is also important to achieve a high voter turnout and thus support your representative.
You can do this in person on February 2 and 3. But we ask you to vote by mail this year. You can easily apply for the documents online at There you will also find all other information about the election.

The student council has compiled a list for the departmental council: Anika, Jules, Marvin and Kathrin are running together. The four of them already have some experience in representing the students’ opinion as spokespersons and management of the student council and have often worked together successfully. Anika and Kathrin have also been on the FBR for some years, while Marvin and Jules are running for this office for the first time and will set some new impulses. In addition, they will be supported by Pascal, our co-speaker, who is running as a successor.

With such good candidates, there is only one thing left to do: Go vote!

Preparation of the student plenary

After one year it is about to happen again: At the 26th of April a new student council of the computer science department (Fachschaftsrat) will be elected and afterwards the responsibilities will be redistributed. If you are interested to take on such a responsibility please visit our Kluengel or contact us.

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FBR election results

Last Tuesday and Wednesday the council elections of the TU Kaiserslautern took place. Among other council, a new FBR was elected , and so the following students will represent you in the upcomming year:

Kathrin Thomas

Jérôme Schalk

Patrick Hansert

Thomas Schneider

We congratulate each of them upon their election. To contact the four of them, just write a mail to

(German) Wahlergebnisse StuPa, FBR und Senat

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(German) Neuerungen im Semesterapperat

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(German) Wahlen zu FBR, StuPa und Senat

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