Fachschaft closed from 27.7. to 16.8.

Hey guys!

Beginning on Monday, the 27th of July, there will be building-modifications of our part of 48-4. So, the Fachschaft needs to be closed down till Sunday, the 16th of August. If you need some old exams or protocols that can only be printed in the Fachschaft, you will find a terminal in the SCI in 48-2. If you have questions you may write an EMail to us.

After the modifications you will find the Fachschaft in our new room 48-463/464.

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[Events] Bicycle tour to Gelterswoog

Hey Guys,

it’s time again!  The next event is starting at 07 June. We want to celebrate the beginning of summer with a bicycle tour to Gelterswoog. It is planned to have a picnic and some sips of cold beer.

We meet at 11 a.m. in front of building 48. If you need help with repairs of your bicycle you can be there at 10 a.m. and get some help with it.
So guys, work up your bikes, get ready for summer and grab something to eat and drink!

What do you need?

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New student council

On April the 30th you voted for your new student council. The new members are:

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(German) Glühweinwanderung

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

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Scotland Yard 3.3 Rev. B

We’ve uploaded the pictures of Scotland Yard 3.3 Rev. B from yesterday =] (login required)

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All old exams finally online!

Starting now you no longer need to come to the Fachschaft for old exams – you can find them (nearly) all online! Within the universities network or via VPN you can find all our exams and protocols at Just a few of them are marked as “Nur auf Papier” – for this exams you still need to come to the Fachschaft. You will find a terminal there to print the exams with your SCI account in the SCI.

As always you may find further information here.

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The Eventteam presents: Powerpoint Karaoke

As you all know, there are some lectures that are held by only reading the slides. You learn nothing more and you have the feeling that the lecturer doesn’t even know more than what is written on the slides?
And you think you could do it even better?
Here is your chance.

You will get a random Powerpoint presentation about a topic you actually don’t know anything about. You have five minutes to prepare and than it’s your turn! Try to present the slides as good, funny and experienced as possible. Try to get into some sort of roleplay and convince the audience that you are the expert!
Date: 25.02.1015
Time: 19 Uhr
Location: 48-462 (Seminarraum)
Please RSVP here:

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You voted…

…or at least 6.9% of you did it. On February the 3rd and the 4th you had the opportunity to vote for your student FBR- and Senat-representatives and the Studierendenparlament (StuPa).

As FRB-represenatives you voted for Sarah Dossinger, Markus Fögen, Jonas Merkel and Maximilian Philipps, as backup representatives you voted for Patrick Hansert, Bo Heck, Johannes Sereika and Marvin Petersen (in this order).

Your new Senat-representatives are Arno Hornberg, Klemens Schmitt, Florian Schwahn and Mara Trotzki.

And last but not least you can check out the (preliminary) election resulty for the StuPa on their website.

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