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Visit us in the Fachschaft!*

*we have cookies! And Club Mate!

We help you with questions regarding your studies, exams from previous years, or other concerns, we organize events and provide coffee and sweets. Feel free to visit us in our Fachschafts-room in 48-464.

An overview over all the services the Fachschaft provides can be found here.

Our spokespersons, Anika Lütke-Bordewick and Rebekka Rübel, are reachable for general questions at sprecher@.


Christmas Party

Hello everybody,

After a long hiatus, the Fachschaft Informatik is happy to invite you all to our Christmas party on the 13th of December. 

We will start off the festivities in 48-453 at 17:30 with dinner. Afterwards we will award the VLU prices of the previous semesters and spend the rest of the evening with a whole lot of cookies and mulled wine.
Also, there will be a secret scrap Santa: If you want to take part, just bring a small, scrappy gift (at most 10€) and you will receive another gift in return. And lastly we will hold a Karaoke again in 48-467.

We are looking forward to seeing you
Fachschaft Informatik


Café Chaoskopf on the topic of anxiety

After the successful start in February, we are pleased to invite you to the next meeting in the series Café Chaoskopf☕️. This time it’s about anxiety, be it exam anxiety, social anxiety, general discomfort related to the future and everything around it. As always, you are invited not only if you are affected by it, but also if you want to learn how others are doing and how you can help.
Due to the current incidences, the whole thing will take place online again. Here is the link. We will meet on Thursday, March 31 at 4pm.
We are looking forward to good discussions with you! If you have any questions, please contact kopfdinge@fsin.fo.

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Results of the University Health Report 2021 for the Computer Science department

CampusPlus has created a factsheet (in german) with the most important results of the University Health Report 2021. Especially regarding the mental health of us computer science students, we would like to do more to improve it in the future. This is one of the reasons why our Mental Health department now regularly organizes networking meetings on different topics regarding mental health.

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Invitation to Café Chaoskopf


The Mental Health Unit department invites you to the Café Chaoskopf☕. There we want to meet in a cozy round and exchange about head issues. Each meeting will focus on one topic, this time it’s the Imposter Syndrome. It doesn’t matter if you are affected yourself, have no idea what it is or anything in between: as long as you are interested, you are welcome.

Due to the current incidences, this will all take place online. We will be meeting on Wednesday, February 9 at 4pm. We will meet here

We are looking forward to good conversations with you! If you have any questions, please contact kopfdinge@fsin.fo.

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New department for mental health

Hi, we – Natalia, Erik, Christian, Lina und Kathrin – are the Mental-Health department or in other words the department for head issues.

Our primary goal is to bring more attention to mental health and build a network of people who support each other.
To do this, we will be hosting networking meetings. At these meetings we want to introduce you to one topic at a time and share ideas with you. On the one hand, there is the possibility to get in contact with people who have similar experiences and on the other hand, there is the possibility to get information about head issues in order to be able to help potential friends or acquaintances better.

We also serve as a first point of contact for people who need individual help. We can’t help you in a therapeutic sense or look for a therapy place for you, but we will do our best to refer you to the right people and to serve you with an open ear for smaller problems.

You can reach us at the following e-mail address: kopfdinge@fsin.fo
If you prefer to talk to someone with certain characteristics (age, gender, study program, …), please let us know.

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Informatik-Praxistag 2022

The Informatik-Praxistag 2022 from the FIT is here!

For the Informatik-Praxistag to take place in this pandemic, it will be held online: there will be exhibitors presenting and talking individually to you in the online WorkAdventure on the 26th January, from 12:30 to 3 pm.

The digital Informatik-Praxistag informs about the chances after your studies and shows what possibilities you have during it to shape your future. Important for everyone who’s about to graduate but also for all those who just started and aren’t looking for a job.

This day is particularly for students of the computer science department and everything will be about it: the exhibiting companies are from the computer science department and are looking for students specifically from that area.

In addition, there will be three lectures on the 25th January. Closer information about the topics will be published in the next few days.


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Christmas Hunt

The computer scientist’s Christmas hunt begins next week!‼️

Goal ⭐️
Capture Christmas on campus. Find the location/object you are looking for from a photo detail and post a photo  of that location. You need 3 out of 5 points for the whole week.

Every day a picture & a text will be published, it’s up to you to find these places & collect the points…

Condition of the festivity:
We appeal to you all to adhere to the honor code of campus Christmas for glory.
Bring on the Christmas spirit by e.g. an ugly sweater, Christmas hats / other!

Expectation horizon
There are 3 cases of which photos are wanted, with any number of people participating in the picture.

Case 1: only of the location/object you are looking for.
Case 2: object/place & actors.
Case 3: actors acting out Christmas on campus at any location.

Case 1, 2 -> x photo 1 point.
Case 3 -> gives 2 points under ”condition of festivity”! Otherwise none.

! In total only 5 photos of or with this person and any others will be scored. A place gives points for a person only once.

Submission of photos
By participating with a photo submission, you authorize the Christmas elves to use them for the purpose of capturing Christmas on campus within a slideshow and publishing on public media.

Submissions will be sent to weihnachtsfeier@fsin.fo as a zip file.
Naming of the file: Group Name. And in the mail, an explanation of who is in the group
~Human (22), harnesses great hate for long file names.

If you have reached at least 3 points, you shall expect a (great) prize in January!

Merry Christmas and stay healthy,

Your Weihnachtsfeierorgateam

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(German) Info Event Auslandssemester

Sorry, this entry is only available in German.

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The Fachschaftsoffice is open again!

The FSR-Informatik again offers access to the student council office (48-464) for the public. The following rules apply:

  1. A maximum of 12 people are allowed in the student council.
  2. A face mask must be worn in the room.
  3. Wash or disinfect hands when entering the room.
  4. People who stay for more than 10 minutes must check into the Corona-Warn-App Event (QR-Code) aswell as have their 2G+-status (vaccinated/convalesce plus negativ test/booster) verified by an authorized person (see below)
  5. There are 9 permanent seats. 4 at the large desk, one at the terminal, 4 on the sofa. The face mask can be removed while sitting on these. (If the workplace is entered or left, it must be disinfected.)
  6. The room is ventilated for 15 minutes every full hour or if indicated by luftwache.fsin.fo. That is independent of the weather.
  7. The room may only be made accessible to the public by authorized persons. People with keys can still join the fachschafts-bureau. The person who opens the room (or a delegate) has to make sure that the rules are implemented. The CovPass-App to verify 2G-QR-Codes is installed on the smartphone provided in the Fachschafts-bureau.

A person is authorized to verify someones 2G+-status and open up the Fachschafts-bureau to the public, if they signed declaration of commitment with the Spokesperson.

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Vollversammlung 3rd November

You can find all information and the official invitation here.

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