Prizes! Prizes everywhere!

It was this time of the year again: Regularly we hold a drawing for everyone who submitted a exam protocol to out protocol system!  This time we raffled prices in the value of more than 200€, including vouchers for Amazon, the local cinema or other local businesses. Everyone can participate by submitting a protocol and putting in his eMail-address, which will be separated from the protocol before publishing it.

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Scotland Yard 4.0 Rev. C

The pictures we took of Scotland Yard 4.0 Rev. C are now available at (login required). Have fun =)

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Orientation Unit WS2016

The Orientation Unit Winter Semester 2016 takes place in week from 17th April to 21st October 2016. This is interesting for you, if you are in the 3rd or 4th semester of bachelor and have to choose your specialization some time soon. There will be also a Minor Subject-Introduction-Cafe, a talk about semesters abroad. and a presentation about the typical problems in the bachelor studies and how to avoid them.

Please note, that languages of the presentations will be German most of the time. Since the cafe regarding the minor subject is a more personal dialogue between students and is meant to be a plattform to exchange the experiences, you can also ask your questions or talk to us about you concerns in English.

You will find the schedule here.


The lecture survey SS 2016 is online

The lecture survey for the summer term 2016 has begun. If you’re interested in keeping or increasing the quality of the lectures you currently visit (and those you’ll visit in the future), take a short space of ten minutes and add your two pennies worth.

You should already have gotten an email with all the required information. If not register here .

If  you don’t want to register via your email-address you can also get a token at the SCI. Just ask for it at the Service Point.
Lecturer can react to the ongoing survey and adjust the lecture this term for you.

Profit such as a coupon of tablet or another coupons prizes(announced here with the logintoken).

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New Student Council elected

The student plenary assembly elected a new student council. In the next legislative session the following people will guide the Fachschaft:

The following people are on the waiting list:

We want to thank all the people for your trust in us.

Immediately after the assembly the constitution meeting took place, in which the responsibility of the departments were newly transfered. Please take look at Fachschaft if you want to know who is responsible for which department.

Ringvorlesung Sommersemester 2016

In this lecture series well known and not so well known groups are introducing themselves to the students. This time the language of the Ringvorlesung is German. If you don’t mind we will be happy to welcome you at the first Tuesday of May, June and July in Room 48-680.

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Kramladen Royal – The night, that abolishes knowledge

Kramladen Royal – Casino night
“The night, that abolishes knowledge”

Suit up! Because of date-collisions with the “Nacht, die Wissen schafft” (= ger. “night, that creates knowledge”) this year, unfortunately a Semester Opening party cannot take place. That’s why we move into the Kramladen with the motto “Kramladen Royal”.
In proper style we serve to You:
* Beer
* Shots
* Wine
* Martini (shaken, not stirred)
* Craft Beer – Tastings
* Tschunk Slush
* Traditional Crêpes
* Gambling Games / Games of Chance
* Relaxed Live-Music from “Kaffee ohne Milch” (= ger. “Coffee without milk”)

Also in on it:
* Bollburger
* Night busses

Entry: 21:00 (= 9 pm)
Live-Music starting 22:00 (= 10 pm)
Admission fee: 3€

Collecting and Saving the admission fee:
* Collect an Ace of each color from the flyers that are on display and get free admission!

Arrival in evening attire is requested!

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The University is Back

The Hitchhiker’s Guide To the University was absent for a very long time, but now it is back – but only in a German bachelor-edition. Though we are planning to create a new master-edition – in English this time. Do you want to join us? Then write a mail to or visit our Fachschafts-Office. We will take every help we can get.

The whole time we are talking of the hitchhiker, but some of you might ask yourself, what is this hitchhiker-thing actually!? Well, the hitchhiker is a small booklet with some information about the degree courses in the Computer Science department, the life at the TU and the life in K-Town. But the collection of tips and tricks, we gathered (and trying to pass along), is making the real difference between this booklet and the information ressources provided by the department.

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Scotland Yard 4.0 Rev. B

The pictures we took of Scotland Yard 4.0 Rev. B are now available at . Have fun =)

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Dear students of Computer Science,

you’re hereby cordially invited to visit the Vollversammlung (abbr.:  VV; ger. “plenary meeting”) of the student body of the department of Computer Sccience on Wednesday, April 27th, at 17:15 (=5:15 pm) in room  48-453.


  1. Definition of the Agenda
  2. Announcements
  3. Statement of accounts of the FSR (=student representatives)
  4. Report of the cash auditors
  5. Discharge of the FSR
  6. New election of the FSR (according to §46.2 of the eloctoral rules of the student body)
  7. Miscellaneous
  8. Distribution of the bribing-chocolate

Your interested in becoming a member of the FSR or you want to
take care of a Referat (=task within the department) / be a referent ?
Or you know just the right person for such a job?
Then simply enter this information into our Kluengel before the VV!

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